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Create a social TRibe that engages with your business.

Creating a strong and engaging online presence is no easy task, it takes dedication to a well researched  social strategy that tries not to just push your products/services, but to instead engage with your audience and creating relationships. Having had great success in the past in creating such audiences. Read below to find out how doubleu. can help with your social media marketing management.

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Succesful Social Campaigns

A successful social campaign starts with identifying your target audience, as well as the platforms that will best get your message across. Our in-house experts will help build you a community online that spreads the word of your businesses as well as becoming life time customers.

Social Advertisement

Social platforms are one of the best ways to get in front of new and existing customers. Utilising their advanced targeting capabilities with our target audience identification, we're able to build highly converting social ad's that meet all of our clients goals, whether it be; event sign-ups, brand awareness, increased revenue or enquiries.

By tagging your website with Google Tag Manager, we're able to track all of these metrics, by implementing a facebook pixel on your site as well we can build an audience of those who have engaged with your website and retarget them with a specific message to push them along the funnel into becoming a customer.

Notching things up, we can retarget to your audiences through the facebook pixel by advertising to those, for example, who have visited your website but not converted (based on your goals) with a unique message that drives them to your website again for a higher probability of converting.

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Social for Business

We work with the top social media platforms, such as; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn & more. Our experience with these platforms allow you to run campaigns with the greatest chance of converting audiences. We can do so through various ways:

  • Targeted to specific audiences
  • Targeted ads
  • Remarketing
  • Ad optimisation
  • Identification of relevant social content
  • In-house creative

Social Media Advertising Services

Having experience in running ads for both B2B, and B2C audiences, we can confidently say that you can count on us to build campaigns that can reach your business goals and more. Our targeted messages to your audiences allow for not only conversions, but for online communication to build your social presence. Our social media services at a glance:

  • Creative Design - our in-house creative team develop content that engages audiences and compels them to stop and see your message.
  • Socially Relevant Content - your ad is only as effective as the copy that goes with it, which is why we craft messages that give you the best chance of getting results.
  • Target Audiences - based on our research around your business and its target audience, we'll be able to create a targeted audience through each platforms filtering capabilities, so you reach your audience at the right time, with the right message.
  • Re-Targeting - implementing pixels on your site, we'll be able to drive previous visitors of your site back again.
  • Ad Account optimisation - to make sure you're gettig the most out of your advertising budget, we'll regularly run A/B tests with varying creative and copy to see if your ads are running optimally.
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