Connecting brands with top social talent

About tbh talent

With +6 years of experience managing digital-first creators, tbh talent are on a mission to cut through the noise of 'influencer experts' with their tiered, no-nonsense approach to management. Their incredible growth over the past year has seen them grow their team, exclusive talent, and their community of thriving non-exclusive talent. The only thing missing was a website to not only showcase who they work with, but for brands to understand the company and the way they could work together.

What we did

Figma to Webflow
Migration to Webflow
Page Speed Optimisation
No-Code Integrations
Site Interactions
Webflow Maintenance

From our initial call right through to the finished product, the tbh team were amazing to work with. They knew exactly what they wanted and how to communicate their brand. Incorporating their brand guidelines, we were able to provide the team with low-fi and hi-fi wireframes to give them a clear understanding of how the site would look, and how all of the pages would be structured to create a seamless user journey. From there we got to work on building out the site in Webflow, referencing the wireframes throughout to ensure the site would be structured exactly how they wanted. The brand assets and guidelines provided by the team helped us create something truly unique, with that all important tbh personality.


Working with the tbh team we're incredibly proud with the end result, a highly bespoke website that truly reflects what tbh standards for. Incorporating multiple separate databases for their talent and case studies, setting up Zapier intergrations to reduce their work load, and adding filtering capabilities, the final product is definitely one of our favourites.