A new approach to help the local Creative, Tech & Marketing industries in Wales

About Jacobs Jobs

Jacobs jobs is the home for local talent & opportunities. They put an emphasis on global standards, at a local level. This is actually an in-house project that we've been working on for a while to help the community in Wales thrive.

What we did

Advanced Analytics Reporting
Bespoke Strategy
Advanced Keyword Research
Business Citation Creations
Competition Analysis
Content Strategy Creation
Figma to Webflow
Guest Posting
Link Building
Migration to Webflow
No-Code Integrations
Page Speed Optimisation
Site Interactions
Technical SEO Audit
Webflow Maintenance

Having come up with the idea of a central community where users could find jobs, talent and communicate with other professionals in their field, we got working on a site that did all of this in a modern and refreshing way. We incorporated all of the things we would want to see if we were looking for a job, or looking for a freelancer, so that the site would work across a wider user base.


The final product (though always a work in progress) is a site that incorporates a bunch of different intergrations; Memberstack, Zapier, Airtable, Relume Library, Finsweet Filtering, and a few others that all combine to create a platform we're excited to be launching to the public, and creating a community in Wales.