Update your Google My Business (GMB) hours for COVID-19

A guide to updating your information in Google My Business, including changing your opening hours, editing your description and adding Google Posts.

Update 24/03/2020 – Google has now stopped reviews and posting activities on Google My Business due to limited resources caused by the Coronavirus. It’s strongly recommended you update your regular or special opening hours, so that people will know if your store is open before they head out.

With the Coronavirus causing many businesses to temporarily close or reduce their opening hours, many people will turn to Google to check what businesses and services are available.

Google My Business is a free tool from Google that puts business owners in control of this information. You can set your regular and temporary opening hours, and post messages so your customers will be kept updated. In this guide, we’ll show you how.

Update your business info in GMB

Editing your business details in Google My Business is pretty straightforward, but there are a few ways you can notify users about changes to make them more obvious:

  1. Change your opening hours
  2. Edit your business description
  3. Post on Google My Business

Your opening hours display prominently in local search and Google Maps but you can also edit your business description to include important information (e.g. delivery service changes due to Coronavirus) and publish posts on GMB to notify potential customers.

Change your opening hours in GMB

Most businesses change their opening hours at some point throughout the year, even if it’s only for Christmas and New Year. Google My Business allows you to keep people into the loop by updating your opening hours so people know when to pay a visit.

To change your opening hours, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Google My Business (If you have multiple locations, open the location that you’d like to manage).
  2. Click the ☰ icon to the top-left.
  3. Click Info from the menu.
  4. Scroll down to the Hours section, which will be labelled as “Add hours” if you haven’t already added them
  1. Use the toggle switches to define which days you’re open/closed.
  2. Set the open and closing times for each day you’re open.
  3. Use the “Add hours” to create multiple open times during the same day – e.g. restaurants that close for lunch.

To temporarily change your opening hours, click on the Add special hours section under your existing opening times. Here, you’ll see suggestions for special events that might result in unusual opening times – mostly public holidays.

However, you can define your own periods for special opening hours by clicking on Add new date and defining your opening hours for specific days or time periods.