Sky commits to £1m support scheme for SME’s through AdSmart

More good news for all you SME’s out there, further to our article about Google announcing a $800m support fund for businesses, Sky have followed suit and announced a £1m support scheme for SME’s through AdSmart.

Sky Media (sales arm of the UK based broadcaster) has just unveiled SME100, a branch of the company dedicated to helping small to medium enterprises (SME’s) that have been in operation for a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 50 employees.

To get support from Sky, you need to put yourself forward for them to choose you, or your customers can do it. They’ll be choosing firms based on those that will benefit most from access to a national or regional TV advertising campaign.

“Businesses up and down the country are facing some of the hardest trading conditions in recent memory. We want to help ournation’s SMEs where possible by giving access to highly relevant audiences viaAdSmart totally for free. SMEs are the lifeblood of our economy, making up99.9% of all business in the UK. We know that although there are economicslowdowns, people are still spending money and we want to help brands connectto these audiences. This initiative is about giving businesses confidence inadvertising and their ability to succeed no matter the situation.” DavidSanderson, director of AdSmart local and development at Sky Media.

How will the ads be created?

To execute the ads, SME100 will be working with local creative agencies to come up with the most engaging ideas,as well as in partnership with Shutterstock who will provide access to its libraryof stock video, images and music in order to aid creativity.

How will the ads be delivered?

In order for the ads to be most effective, SME100 aim to utilise Sky’s AdSmart technology. This technology isable to provide highly targeted advertising, such as; by postcode, distance from store and services best suited to viewer. The AdSmart technology has been used by upwards of 2,380 brands for more than 28,000 campaigns (according to Sky).

Sky’s commitment is just one of many schemes taking place throughout the UK with the intention of supporting businesses through the COVID-19 crisis. As time passes, hopefully more businesses will be met with great support to get them back on their feet.