Google Analyitcs Pushes New Version 4 Update

Google Analytics is now rolling out their version 4 update to all users in their objective to provide its users with the best analytics platform available. The new version update is littered with new features, most notably its real-time audience reporting where businesses can see where their audience is visiting their website, how they got their and more, all live. This gives marketing agencies and marketers in general a real boost into analysing not only their PPC campaigns but all paid and organic efforts.

Product Announcement

Whilst the version 4 update has been floating around for some users for a few months now, Google are starting to really push the update and have tweeted about it with an introductory video exploring the capabilities of the new analytics

Whilst the update is highly valuable for gaining greater insights to help your marketing strategies and increase ROI, there have been some complaints about the new set-up, with many users unsure on how to measure their conversions and events.

Tracking Conversions

In typical Google style, they recently put out a highly sophisticated tweet as to how you can mark an event as a conversion.

New to Google Analytics?

If you're new to Google Analytics or haven't got it set up on your website, then you're missing out on truly insightful data that could form strategic marketing decisions to push your business in the direction it needs. If you need help setting this up, feel free to contact us and state that you're looking into getting set-up with Google Analytics.

If you've already got a Google Analytics account set up but want to upgrade to the new version, Practical e-Commerce have just published an article on how to upgrade your Goggle Analytics account.