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The Process

Josh and Conor came to us initially with only a branding project. They'd had success on Twitter posting about horse racing tips and garnered quite a following through word of mouth without any branding behind their project. We explored various concepts of brands that they could get behind and make an identity for their business.

Logo Exploration for OTB Racing Info

Having gone through the various logo variations, we sat down with the guys at OTB Racing to see what resonated with them. They wanted something that was sleek and modern, they didn't want something cheesy that the rest of their competition were doing, so they chose Style 1, but with a few amendments to be made.

Style 1 Amendments

Once the branding was complete, we put together a style guide for them to use for any social marketing activity they used going forward. By setting them up with a style guide, they were able to create a coherent presence online that their community could easily recognise.

What Came After

After their online presence grew, the OTB Racing guys approached us again to see how no-code could help them. After some discussion we came to the conclusion that to take their business to the next level, they needed a website that their audience could go to to sign up to their service. Their process at this stage would be for users to message them on twitter saying they wanted in, pay by direct debit each month for them to get access to the private WhatsApp group they post their tips to. By having a custom website instead, they broke down that conversion barrier, users could simply sign up online with payments coming out depending on which package they chose. All OTB Racing have to do now is post their tips to the private members area, no more admin, just great horse racing tips.

The Result

Greatly reduced admin (don't have to message members for payments, taking on new members etc) as well as 20% increase in members.