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doubleu. place great importance in ensuring we provide high ROI for our SEO operations. As an SEO agency based in Cardiff, we set out to increase client ROI through the most effective SEO practices that we've discovered. We focus our SEO efforts through technical search engine optimisation, content marketing and digital marketing.

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Get Ahead Of Your Competitors

Through our extensive experience in search engine marketing, we've put together a tried and tested strategy for getting our clients to the top of many key words. Whilst all clients accounts will be different, we start all campaigns with a full audit of their site to identify areas in which can be utilised most effectively to improve rankings.

Technical Search Enginge Optimisation

In order to get the highest ROI for search engine marketing, we need to perform a technical audit and analysis of our clients websites in order to identify weaknesses and strengths within the site structure. A technical audit gives us a holistic view of the scope of campaign we're working with to not only give you expert advice, but to also build a bolstered strategy capable of beating your competitors.

What does a Technical Audit look like?

  • Full Website Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Competition Analysis
  • Customer Acquisition Strategy

To perform such audits, we utilise the very best tools available to us in the SEO industry. Using these tools we are able to create a comprehensive audit of all areas outlined above. We ensure to cross reference all the data we pull from one tool, against others that we use to ensure all data is accurate. Some of the platforms we use are the best in their industry field, such as SEMRush, Screaming Frog and Google's own tools like, Search Console & Analytics.

Using the audit as a base line, we can then outline a strategy. It's imperative to create a strategy that compliments the businesses industry, for example; a local coffee shop will have a far different SEO Strategy to that of a national law firm. Whilst many of the clients KPI's will be the same, we tailor a package that can best help that of each one of our clients.

On Page Optimisation

Once the issues have been identified on the website through our audit, we can then begin to rectify the problems through various tasks comprising of both on-page optimisation and technical optimisation. Whilst both channels need to be addressed, technical optimisation needs to take precedent before on-page.

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Content Creation, Link Building & PR

Backlinks form the greatest opportunity for increasing rankings. Google ranks websites based on their trust and value to users, therefore, if you have more, high quality links than your competitors, you're poised to be favourable by Google. In order to get such links, we'll carry out content creation for your site, as well as link outreaching and digital PR - a growing industry for search engine marketing.

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