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PR is much more than telling people about you, it's about harnessing your reputation, building strong messages around it that cement yourself in the way you want people to see you. doubleu. have built a strong network of journalists and publications in order to get you on the best platforms possible.

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Compelling Communication

A good PR campaign starts with a great story, something that's going to hook people in. From there it's about maintaining your communication channels and ensuring that you maintain your presence to the public.

Press Releases

Tell your story the way you want, we'll work together to create a story line and the best way to deliver it. We'll focus on creating strategies and content that perform, whilst getting press coverage and selling to the media.

Social Media

If done effectively, it's one of the most powerful and engaging communication channels you can utilise. We plan the hole process so you don't have to.

Content Creation

We do the research on what content is socially relevant and hot at the time, from this we'll then regularly keep your audience updated with blogs, newsletters and more.

Digital PR

Digital PR is double sided, not only is it a fantastic way to manage your reputation, but it helps boost your websites performance. The backlinks generated through Digital PR have significant effect on your SEO efforts.

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