More than just a logo, build an IDENTITY  for your Business.

Branding is often vastly overlooked by businesses. Building a brand and the guidelines that go with it allows for a coherent presence to your audience. It all starts with getting to know you, we're not just designing a logo at the end of the day, we're creating an identity that represents everything about you. As a marketing agency, we understand just how important strong branding is to the overall marketing strategy for businesses.

graphic design mockup of branding for Colsons Construction

Identities In Situ

Once we've gone through an exploration meeting with you and your team, we'll then go to the drawing board, flow ideas and put together an identity that encapsulates all it means to be your business. In order to get the best understanding of how it looks, we'll create mockups to show you exactly how your company would look in the wild.

Branding Services

As part of our branding service, we like to make sure that our clients get the full package and don't miss out on powering up their identity in every way possible. As such, we offer the following:

  • Brand Strategy & Planning
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Consultancy
  • Naming Research & Workshop
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Collateral
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