Airtable raises $185m and plans to launch new platform features

A Big Boost for No-Code

The no-code, spreadsheet database platform Airtable announced on September 14th 2020, that they’ve raised $185 million in Series D funding. So what does this mean for the platform going forward and it’s users?

How Will The Funding Be Used

The company has announced it’s launching one of its largest feature updates to date, which aims to use the funding to execute on its vision of going beyond no-code capabilities and utilising tools to encourage low-code features and automations.

Airtable Automations

The platforms automations allow users to build custom, automated workflows to generate reports or other repetitive steps. It’s basically Airtables way of cutting out Zapier to automate tasks within the platform.

Airtable Sync

The sync feature allows teams to more easily share data across an organisation, whilst controlling who can see what.