4 Ways Businesses Can Survive COVID-19

We’re now a few weeks (months in some people’s case) of being under quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s been a challenge for many businesses out there. Some are facing challenges they never thought they’d face, when they started up their businesses. Nevertheless, many have taken on the virus and made sure that they aren’t going to be a victim of the economic effect that comes with it. We’ve put together 4 ways in which businesses can adapt to ensure longevity of their businesses.

Social Engagement

Social distancing doesn't apply online 

Many businesses have decided that because their shop is no longer open, or they’ve closed up for the foreseeable future, this means that they should stop all marketing activities. That’s not a good thing. Your customers haven’t suddenly disappeared, so why should you? Yes, your customers may not be able/want to buy your services at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t provide value now, so that when their purchasing behaviour changes, your company is top of mind.

The companies that will come out best at the other end of this, will be the ones that have created a community on their social platforms. The ones that are constantly engaging, providing value, giving tips on how they can do things for themselves in the time being.  Take Bauhaus in Cardiff, they went on the radio to help listeners understand how to take care of their hair whilst all of this is going on.

Become Flexible

Stay rigid, and it’ll hurt


It’s safe to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has really shaken up business. Though, it has created some ingenuity in how to service clients and customers in a challenging landscape. We’ve increasingly seen restaurants, bars and cafes turn to doing deliveries in order to keep their business afloat. Those who have decided not to take this step, and are waiting for quarantine to end, will be the ones who are in for hardship down the road. Those who are making the shift, and braving the wilderness of logistics that come with this, are the ones that will benefit in the long run. Think about it, in a few months time, people will be walking the high streets and see the storefront of these café’s and reminisce with the people they’re with:

‘I had a breakfast brioche bun from them when I was in quarantine, have you tried it? No? Let's go in, you have to try it!’.

You’ll probably get a few customers for life as well, the ‘you kept me sane with your brownie deliveries throughout quarantine’ group.

Take Kin+Ilk, a Cardiff based café chain serving the highest of quality coffee’s South Wales has to offer. They’ve made the change to a delivery service, and I’m sure that their existing customers are dying to get their hands on a lemon drizzle.

Nurture Your Best Customers

They’re you most loyal for a reason


They love your brand, for a variety of reasons. So who else to get through a pandemic than by nurturing the ones that care about you the most? This doesn’t mean offer them discounts or freebies just for the sake of it. Reach out to them, ask them what they think might help you, sometimes your customers can have incredibly insightful ideas that could help.


Ask them to leave reviews, if they can leave one on both Facebook and on google then this will help you the most, not only for the social approval, but the google reviews will help you with ranking online.

Don’t Give In

Times are tough, but so are you.


You’ve now doubt herd the word ‘unprecedented’ over the past few weeks. Whilst you’re most likely bored and growing slightly annoyed at this word, it’s unfortunately fitting. What we as human beings are going through right now has most certainly never been done before. Countries on lock down and economies facing great uncertainty has caused panic and fear. But as human beings, we’ve pulled together and faced this (masks and all) as a collective, pulling together and shopping local as much as possible. A true testament to what we can do as a race. Never forget that when you’re promoting your business through ads, or organic posting to social, that the people viewing it are human as well, create something engaging that will resonate them. Good marketing is marketing that resonates with your audience.


We’ll end this post with a favourite ad of ours that’s found a new, thoughtful meaning.